To B(log) or Not to B(log)?

“To b(log) or not to b(log), that is the question.”

Some distant relative of Hamlet (we think)

That is indeed the question. For the last few years, our team at Clarity Group has actively read blogs, searched blogs, devoured blogs and done about everything you can do with blogs…except write one ourselves. Blog voyeurs, if you will.

Our rationale for not blogging was two-fold:

  1. Our motto at Clarity Group has always been, “If you can’t do it with excellence, then don’t do it.” Excellence doesn’t mean it has to be perfect or an A+ paper every time – it just means it has to be done well with 100% effort. As for blogging, “excellence” means doing it regularly with great insight, timely perspective and unbridled enthusiasm. You’re signing up for a lot when you decide to blog. We just weren’t sure if we were ready to “blog with excellence.”
  2. We kept telling ourselves that, “we just don’t have the time.

Well, on the sixth anniversary of the launch of our fun little firm, we have decided that we CAN do this with excellence…and we HAVE TO make the time. So, it’s with great pleasure that we launch our Clarity Group blog: Moments of Clarity for your Organization.

Here is what we are going to promise:

  • We will blog regularly – at least once per week.
  • You will hear from a variety of thought leaders at Clarity Group. Not just one of us, but all of us. Many voices with many perspectives.
  • We won’t over-think this. You’re going to get insight that is personal and relevant. But if we make this too hard, it goes from blogging to work…and that’s not fun.
  • We will encourage dialogue. We hope to share insights that will stir you to respond – good, bad or anything in between. We hope you’ll take us up on the challenge.
  • We will do our best. Nothing more. Nothing less. Nothing else.

So, we’re off and running. Look for another blog post soon. And thanks for letting us bring a little Clarity into your world.


About Craig Wood

Husband. Father. CEO. Working with those who make the world a better place. Trying my best to help.
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One Response to To B(log) or Not to B(log)?

  1. Glad to see CG blog taking off and appreciate the opportunity to comment on the site. I’ve subscribed to your RSS feed and looking forward to learning more about CG’s thought leadership. Congrats! –Winston

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