Lesson in Customer Service: Delta Airlines

We thought our blog readers would enjoy this amazing story of customer service done right. Thanks to our friend Mike Brennan for sharing the experience.

michael j. brennan

Roller bag? Check. Briefcase? Check. Boarding pass? Check. Wallet?

I started to search through my car, the bags, and coats like a squirrel looking for long lost buried acorns. No luck. With just my passport and an old checkbook, I headed toward the gate to catch a meeting with a national partner on our education work in New York City — without cash or credit card.

Upon my arrival into the terminal at LaGuardia, I made my way to the first Delta representative.

“Excuse me, I just landed without my wallet and I have no cash. I do have a checkbook. Do you know of any bank terminal here or store that would cash a check?” I asked.

The Delta associate said, “There isn’t a bank within this terminal. I am not even sure you could find one in the airport. You might check at one of the stores to…

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2 Responses to Lesson in Customer Service: Delta Airlines

  1. Wow. I am sure Anna is a person who joyfully knows that we are all connected. She made a deposit in her own bank of higher consciousness, and just look what she has done for the recipient of her beautiful act.

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