Meet Kristin!

Last December I was introduced to Kristin Demafeliz by one of my clients, who encouraged me to get to know her. Kristin and I met for coffee a few days later and talked about Clarity Group’s mission and Kristin’s hopes for her own professional journey.

I could mention any number of things next… for example, how important networking can be, or the benefits of bringing new perspective and fresh thinking to an organization… both true, but this post isn’t about how to network, recruit or hire.

Rather, this is to officially introduce Kristin, who has been part of the Clarity Group family since February.

Clarity Group Outing, 2012

Kristin is going to be one of our bloggers, starting this week. We’re looking forward to having her share her unique point of view on the world of service and nonprofits. We hope you are too!


About Gayle Davey

I'm fascinated about the "business of conducting business": how organizations function, how they can be higher performing, how personalities drive culture... great stuff worth thinking about!
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