Our Family is Growing – Meet Ret

We absolutely love the company we are building at Clarity Group. We’re a small, tight-knit family…so it makes sense that when we add a new member, we’d send the stork out with a formal announcement!

In my last post about talent, I made mention of a recent superstar hire that we have made in our Boston office in Kristin Demafeliz – and that we had mystery hire that we were announcing soon. Since everything’s official now, we are proud to announce that mystery hire as Ret Boney, our newest Senior Vice President. You can read all about Ret in this press release or on her bio page on our website.

Ret brings some very unique experience and perspective to our growing firm. First of all, she has spent the last eight years as deputy editor for Philanthropy Journal, and a few years prior to that, she was a reporter for Fortune magazine. You don’t get those gigs without being able to write…and I mean, REALLY WRITE. Communication skills are lacking in so many organizations these days, so to add someone with serious talent using the written word is a huge coup for Clarity Group and our clients.

But Ret is so much more than a journalist. She has spent years as a consultant in the for-profit space, helping companies build stronger, data-based and insight-driven relationships with their customers. Combining this strong consulting perspective with her broad and unique understanding of the non-profit sector is an exciting opportunity for Clarity Group and our clients.

The importance of these skills was driven home last week at a relationship management conference I was hosting in Chicago. One of our keynote speakers, Soraya Darabi, co-founder of Foodspotting and digital strategist to ABC News, challenged a group of leading retailers to “think like a journalist but act like a marketer.” Ret is one of the few people I know who can do that with great aplomb and success.

I’ll let you read the press release for more about Ret’s wealth of experience, including her successful stint as deputy policy director for the North Carolina Governor’s Office. Everything that Ret brings to Clarity Group – from strategic thinking to network connections – will enable us to serve a new cadre of clients and grow our presence in the Triangle, Southeast and nationally. Can you tell how excited I am?!?!

But all that professional expertise pales in comparison to all of Ret’s wonderful personal characteristics. At Clarity Group, we place a high premium on the cultural fit within our organization…and Ret fits us to a tee! She is smart, funny, hard-working, creative and incredibly customer-centric. Our clients will get the chance to experience Ret on their own soon enough…but trust me when I say, “She is the real deal!” We are very, very lucky to have her on our team.

You’ll be hearing from Ret in this blog (and other places) very soon. But for now, we’re just basking in the glory of the newest member of our Clarity Group family. Should I be passing out cigars or something?!?!?

Ret and her “other” family


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