Don’t Worry – They’re Friends of the Family

In the coming months, you may start to see some unfamiliar names and faces writing posts on our blog. Don’t be alarmed; we’re not outsourcing our blogging. We actually LOVE blogging. But we know that there’s a whole world out there full of great insights that makes us better at what we do…and great people who inform our perspectives and bring us closer to the missions/hearts of their great organizations.

So we’ve asked our wonderful friends and colleagues to share their points of view and experiences with you. Our guest bloggers are experts in the field, people in the trenches of the non-profit sector, thought leaders, community leaders, advocates for inspiring causes and our dear friends. We hope that you’ll comment and engage with them and join in on our conversations. (We may have used the promise of fame and fortune as incentives for our guest bloggers, so if we could make that come true, that would be great!)

So keep your eyes peeled for our celebrity authors – they’re ready to roll!


About Craig Wood

Husband. Father. CEO. Working with those who make the world a better place. Trying my best to help.
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