Since we are relatively new to the blogosphere, we value the input and perspective of others. Mike Brennan, one of our favorite new bloggers, does a great job of outlining his lessons learned after writing his first 50 blog posts. Good practical perspective for any blogger.
In the coming weeks, look for Clarity Group to heed his advice as we “take more risks” and let you “read about people, not just ideas.” This should be fun…

michael j. brennan

In late February, I made a commitment to write 50 posts by the 4th of July. I have come to realize a few things during that journey that others just starting out might find helpful. My main goals in starting a blog were:

1. Practice and improve my writing

2. Create a window into interesting things

3. Affect others in a positive way that is consistent with my own personal mission

I will give you my top three lessons in a moment. If you asked what surprised me most, it would be how the web allows you to have an impact on individuals all over the world. For example, here are just three things I didn’t anticipate happening:

1. Individuals in over 50 countries have read the blog

2. One blog post prompted a Fortune 50 company to request the opportunity to film me telling the story in person


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Husband. Father. CEO. Working with those who make the world a better place. Trying my best to help.
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