A Focused Experiment

It’s the end of August and here in Boston the mornings are starting out a little cooler and the sun is setting a wee bit earlier each evening. Labor Day weekend is on the immediate horizon.

As kids, it was ingrained in us that the end of summer meant it’s time to get focused, get back into a routine, and start formal learning again. With the advent of fall just a few weeks away, I too am starting to think about getting refocused. I’m noticing several of my Facebook friends posting similar sentiments.

Yesterday I decided that since I’m feeling more focused I should make a few autumn business resolutions. One of my friends makes her personal resolutions each year on her birthday, not at the New Year, and she seems to have more resolution success than most people I know. I figure it’s a worthwhile experiment to try my refocusing resolutions at a different time of year.

So here goes. I’ve compiled my autumn business refocus resolutions by channeling my inner grade school kid:

1. Learn something new. Remember that uncomfortable feeling when a new topic was introduced in school? My 7th grade math teacher said “if you’re comfortable, you’re not learning.”

This fall I will get out of my comfort zone and learn something new that helps me be a better consultant.

2. Reconnect with old friends. One of the rewards of the new school year was getting to see classroom pals again. For those of us who haven’t stayed in one place our entire career, losing track of our work pals just happens.

I vow to truly reconnect with three business associates that I’ve lost contact with. One client, one coworker and one boss.

3. Put your best foot forward. The start of the school year meant some new clothes, many new books, new pencils and paper. Everything fresh and pristine. I may not have the new school goodies anymore, but there are still ways I can put my best foot forward.

I’m cleaning house and that means my desk, my computer and my paper files. Then maybe I’ll invest in a new business book (which may help me with resolution #1!)

4. Do the homework. Were you the kid who stayed inside during recess to get a head start on homework? That was me. (Yep, I was that teacher’s pet type.) I’ve noticed as we move along in our career, we do less preparation. Maybe we’re certain we already know the answers. The danger in that is we miss opportunities for breakthroughs.

My resolution is to start each new project with a fresh perspective that includes examining and questioning if there is something new or different that will bring better results.

There you have it. Four autumn business resolutions put down on paper. In the spirit of holding myself accountable, I’ll report my progress in a December blog post. If you’re thinking about getting refocused in your work, I hope you’ll make a business resolution and share it with me here. Maybe we can be resolution “buddies” and keep each other on track!


About Gayle Davey

I'm fascinated about the "business of conducting business": how organizations function, how they can be higher performing, how personalities drive culture... great stuff worth thinking about!
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