Folks – this is worth another read and a quick view of the video. Amazing customer service that will bring back hope that companies still “get it.” Thanks to Mike Brennan for sharing.

michael j. brennan

I have only had one conversation in my life with Anna, yet she is someone I will always remember. As you may recall from a past blog post, Anna, a Delta Air Lines associate, saved my bacon by taking $100 out of her own account so I could pay for a cab from LaGuardia Airport to get into New York City for a business meeting. I thought you might want to know the rest of the story.

I received a Tweet from @DeltaAssist to ask if I would pass onto them my phone number and email address, as they wanted to contact me regarding Anna and my blog post about her extraordinary action to help me. Upon connecting with the Delta team, they informed me that they wanted to highlight Anna’s work and attention to customer service at an annual company meeting. They asked if I would be…

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